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Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Policy

 Here at Calypso Hotel the environment and natural atmosphere is a key element of the final product we offer to our guests. Built at a location where a unique combination of sea air and mountain freshness exists, it goes without saying that our senior management is committed to environmental protection and the preservation of a clean and fresh natural area. At the hotel we have the following environmentally friendly policies in place:

The hotel takes various actions to save water, which include low-flush toilets, shower heads and basins.
We employ energy saving measures, including: intelligent use of day-light throughout the hotel and low-energy lighting. All the apartments’ electricity is activated with a key-card and shortly deactivated after the removal of the card from the socket.
There is an auto stop system installed on the balcony door which ensures that the AC in the room shuts off automatically when the doors are open.
We offer every employee free transportation with buses, that have schedules tailored to the working hours of each position in the hotel, thus limiting the need for use of personal cars.
The green areas within the hotel are maintained by specialized staff without the use of any dangerous or overly strong chemicals. All the watering of the plants and the grass is done by an automatic watering system which reduces water usage.
The staff also ensures that no litter finds its way into the area and that our guests are aware of our preservation policies.
We provide trainings for all our staff on our environmental commitments, so that each member understands their role in delivering our objectives.
We have implemented a system for separate waste collection and we inform our guests and train our staff in order to help us reduce our impact on nature.
We use only 100% cellulose toilet paper which is fully water soluble.
Another aspect of our sustainability policies is offering our guests the opportunity to play a more active role in maintaining the environment and raise awareness of this issue by, for example, provide info cards in the guests’ bathrooms which explain to guests how to re-use towels and linen in order to reduce laundry and thus water usage.
Once a week we organize a Bulgarian thematic night which includes traditional cuisine in the buffet restaurant, our staff is dressed with folklore uniforms, an outside Bulgarian folklore dance show presents traditional dances and customs at the stage with professional dancers, we offer also to our guests to taste the traditional Bulgarian spirit “Rakia”.
 Our future goals are to keep using more electricity and water saving ways as possible, reducing water waste, electricity waste, more community activities and donations, supporting the local business and culture.

Community Policy

 At the Calypso hotel our senior management engages with local people and local businesses to support the economy and community and  protects local traditions.

 respects and consults with the local community on issues that may affect their lives, ensuring that their views are considered in the business’s decision making
 actively manages the protection of children from abuse or tourism-related sexual exploitation
 supporting the local community through charitable or in-kind donations to schools, groups or initiatives that work to improve the lives of local people, protect the environment or preserve the destination’s culture and traditions
 actively choosing to buy food and beverages from local suppliers
 promoting the destination to guests, such as places of interest, restaurants, markets or craft centres, to encourage them to explore the country’s food, history, culture and traditions. There is an information folder at the hotel reception desks, which gives information about local history, sightseeing, culture and traditions
 providing guests with guidance on the appropriate dress or behaviour outside the property, particularly when visiting sites of religious or cultural importance.
HR Policy of Calypso hotel

 At the Calypso hotel, our senior management are committed to provide good working conditions for the employees and to protect human rights.

 The employees at Calypso hotel are:

 treated fairly and with respect, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender, age, ethnicity, nationality, religion or disability;
all employees are free to enter employment through their own choice and to leave when they choose, without penalty;
paid a living wage or a wage equal to or more than the national legal minimum wage (510 BGN);
working the correct number of hours so that our business complies with national or international employment law or benchmark industry Standard.
There are no employees under the age of eighteen in the company.
The business recruits local people to work in the property wherever possible.
The employees are actively encouraged to develop within their roles, enhancing their skills trough trainings, language lessons and development opportunities.
the employees at Calypso hotel are offered to use free accommodation, meals, uniforms, laundering of uniforms, transport to and from work, health insurance, employment contract, maternity and paternity pay.
free to join a trade union or similar organisation, which is in place to protect and represent their employee rights.