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General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions



The present terms for online reservations through bind “World Travel Consultancy” Ltd / “The Hotelier” / to provide the requested and paid by the client reservation according to the presented by the client data in the reservation form concerning: name of client, type of room, period of stay, number of nights, number of adults and children, price per night.

The "Remarks" field in the reservation form does not have obligatory character for the Hotelier and all the requests of the client, pointed in that field shall be satisfied only if and when possible.

In the reservation form children are considered the persons that have not completed 14 years of age in the date of arrival in the hotel.


The prices pointed in the website of the Hotelier are end customer prices with 9% VAT, resort tax and insurance included. The whole sum that clients must pay is calculated automatically when the reservation is made in accordance with the booked stay, number of adults and children and with the actual price offer for the corresponding hotel.

Within 24 hours of sending a query, the customer will receive a quote with the total amount payable depending on the number of days, number of adults and children, actual prices /offers.

The Hotelier keeps its right to change the prices and special offers published in its website, in accordance with the market search and the available rooms at the moment. For reservations confirmed and paid by the client, the sum for the reservation does not change, no matter a new price offer is presented.

By confirming the reservation, payment of the whole sum indicated in the received offer will be required. Transferring the whole sum by bank transfer or via credit/debit card should be made not later than the specified in the reservation term.


In case of cancellation, no show, non-use of the entire period or change of a reservation already paid by the customer, the Hotelier shall refund the amount paid upon request by charging a penalty depending on the dates of the reservation:

Period: from 10.05.2023 till 05.06.2023 (incl.) and from 14.09.2023 till 30.09.2023(incl.) - cancellation without penalty is made within 2 days before the date of check-in. After this period, a penalty of 1 night will apply.

Period: 06.06.2023 until 16.06.2023 (incl.) and from 06.09.2023 till 13.09.2023 (incl.) - cancellation without penalty is made within 5 days before the date of check-in. After this period, a penalty of 1 night will apply.

Period: from 17.06.2023 till 04.07.2023 (incl.) and from 24.08.2023 until 05.09.2023(incl.) - cancellation without penalty is made up to 7 days before the date of check-in. After this period, a penalty of 1 night will apply.

Period: 04.07.2023 - 23.08.2023 (incl.) - cancellations without penalty are made within 14 days before the date of check-in. After this period, a penalty of 1 night will apply.

In case of no show of the guest at the hotel and non-use of the reservation, penalty of 2 nights will apply. The remaining amount will be refunded.

All banking fees and taxes for the refund are covered by the customer.

In cases of force majeure requiring cancellation or change of reservation, it is necessary to provide the relevant documents and evidence. The reimbursement of the amounts paid is then negotiated.

When refunding credit or debit card amounts on services contracted and performed by us, this will be done by us through a transaction on the card with which the payment was made.


Bank transfer

Payment of the full amount must be made on the bank account specified in the offer and within the specified term. After the payment is made, it is necessary to send copy of the payment order or payment slip /when using e-banking -the electronic banking statement/ scanned by e-mail:  or by fax: +359 52 986 046.

If the reservation is not paid within the specified period it will be automatically cancelled by our system.

In case you are not able to pay the sum for already made online reservation, please let us know on e-mail: or call us at: +359 52 986 047. If this term is not observed the Hotelier is in its right to seek responsibility for made and not paid reservations.

When making a reservation, which starting date is on the next day, we recommend that you execute the payment by debit/credit card, because this accelerates the process of reservation confirmation.

Please address your questions concerning online reservations on e-mail: or call at phone: +359 52 986 047.

POLICY FOR PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA / General Data Protection Regulation/

The Privacy Policy of “World Travel Consultancy” Ltd governs the type of information collected by Users, how it is collected and how it is used.

1. Users of the  owned by “World Travel Consultancy” Ltd are required to provide personal data to World Travel Channels Limited only upon request for reservation. The user agrees that all provided personal information will be stored and processed in the database of the Hotelier`s reservation system.
2. When using the booking system on the website:  the user must enter personal data necessary for a successful booking. The entered information contains first and last name, gender, e-mail address and contact phone.
3. “World Travel Consultancy” Ltd does not provide the name and e-mail address of the user to third parties for the purpose of sending commercial information.
5. The provided personal data are fully protected and used for marketing analysis and better understanding of the needs of the Users and consequently improvement of the quality of the offered services. Without the user's personal data, the website cannot be used to make reservations or send a request.
6. “World Travel Consultancy” Ltd is a personal data administrator within the meaning of the PDPA / Certificate No. 427488 / and will process the personal data of the User for the fulfilment of his / her obligations in connection with the reservation made by the User.
7. The data will be processed and stored on paper and electronic media. “World Travel Consultancy” Ltd as a data administrator is committed to providing the necessary technical and organizational measures to protect data from intrusions, losses or changes.
8. “World Travel Consultancy” Ltd is obliged not to disclose the personal data of the User to third parties. Such access may only be provided and accessed when “World Travel Consultancy” Ltd is legally obliged to provide the data to the relevant public authorities and organizations or is duly required by such authorities in the appropriate order; or in other cases provided for in the Law on the Protection of Personal Data; with respect to information that does not individualize a particular person; on the advice of legal advisers of “World Travel Consultancy” Ltd.
9. “World Travel Consultancy” Ltd is not responsible if the User has publicly disclosed his / her personal data to third parties.
10. The User has the right to access and change his personal data processed by “World Travel Consultancy” Ltd, including requesting their deletion and updating, prohibiting their submission to third parties, etc. under the conditions and by the order of the Chapter V of the Personal Data Protection Act.
11. “World Travel Consultancy” Ltd may use cookies to collect information about user preferences such as a selected language or region, destination, and dates of a previous search for a product or service. This information is usually depersonalised and is not used for other purposes. Users can reject cookies at any time if they are.
12. The User agrees that “World Travel Consultancy” Ltd will store limited information about any search made by him and will use this information also for solving technical problems and for statistical purposes

Any complaint/comment regarding one’s stay at our properties should be brought forward directly to the hotel's management at one’s earliest convenience so that it can be dealt with in the shortest time possible.

“World Travel Consultancy” Ltd is not responsible for any errors found on  and reserves the right to modify, add or cancel individual offers without prior notice.

“World Travel Consultancy” Ltd
Business address / Correspondence Address:
Bulgaria, 9027 Varna, 6 Yan Hunyadi Blvd., office building Maker, office 101
UIC: 201159630 / VAT No.: BG 201159630
Represented by: Stefan Dimitrov and Tsanko Tsvetkov
Phone: +359 52 986 047

Prior completing your reservation you have to confirm that you are aware and you agree with the present GENERAL TERMS FOR ONLINE RESERVATIONS